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Nuuanu Pali is a section of the windward cliff (pali in Hawaiian) of the Koolau mountain located at the head of Nuuanu Valley on the island of O?ahu. It has a panoramic view of the windward (northeast) coast of O?ahu. The Pali Highway (Hawaii State Highway 61) connecting Kailua/Kneohe with downtown Honolulu runs through the Nuuanu Pali Tunnels bored into the cliffside..The Nu?uanu Pali State Wayside is a lookout above the tunnels where visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the Oahu's windward side with sweeping views of Kneohe, Kneohe Bay, and Kailua. It is also well-known for strong Trade winds that blow through the pass (Now bypassed by the Nuuanu Pali Tunnels), forming a sort of natural wind tunnel.