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Traditional Tea and Scones served at the Lake Agnes Tea House.  The Lake Agnes Tea House was originally built in 1901 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, as a refuge for hikers and started serving tea in 1905. The log building was replaced in 1981 but still features the original windows, tables and chairs. Situated near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, at an altitude of 2,135 meters, (7,005 ft), the Tea House is located on the shores of Lake Agnes. To access the Tea House, take a forested 3.5 km hike from the Chateau Fairmont Lake Louise, with an elevation gain of 400 m or 1,300 ft.  Together with Mirror Lake and Lake Louise, these lakes are often referred to as the 'Lakes in the Clouds'. Lake Agnes was named for original First Lady of Canada - Lady Agnes MacDonald, the wife of Canada’s first Prime Minister.